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USPSA - Match Results

Match Name:2010 USPSA LPR Nationals
Match Date:10/14/10
Results Uploaded:10/16/10 - 10:14 PM
Additional Info:Show Stage Profiles

Stage 8 - We Make House Calls 2- Pistol - Revolver

Place Name USPSA Class Points Penalty Time Hit Factor Stg Pts Stage Percent
1David PTY53502GM121-30.054.0266125.0000100.00%
2JOHN BTY52647GM123-30.793.9948124.012899.21%
3JOSH E LA62444M123-31.723.8777120.377696.30%
4Jerry MTY15336GM120-31.583.7999117.962494.37%
5CLIFF R WL2519GM116-30.573.7946117.797994.24%
6MATT R GTY50704GM1161028.013.7844117.481293.98%
7Mike CA23819M118-31.803.7107115.193392.15%
8ELLIOT C AA51411GM123-34.503.5652110.676588.54%
9DAVID OL2562GM1181030.333.5608110.539988.43%
10Gregg KTY55988A121-34.293.5287109.543487.63%
11CHAD RTY2690U1241035.593.203199.435679.55%
12Seiichi IA54704U123-41.062.995692.994174.40%
13Robert PA27392M1181036.772.937291.181172.94%
14BRET A DTY51084B1241039.592.879589.389971.51%
15ANNETTE AA51367A1191041.882.602780.797164.64%
16RICHARD E TA4438B121-46.742.588880.365664.29%
17ROBERT A BL3234B123-48.412.540878.875563.10%
18TOM FL532B122-50.992.392674.274859.42%
19SUE IA56371C117-55.832.095665.054952.04%
20SARAH C ITY54900U1092043.762.033863.136450.51%
21HOWARD HL1843M120-60.861.971761.208648.97%

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