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USPSA - Match Results

Match Name:2011 Open/L10/Revolver Nationals
Match Date:9/16/11
Results Uploaded:9/20/11 - 6:49 PM
Additional Info:Show Stage Profiles

Stage 16 - 95 Max- Pistol - Revolver

Place Name USPSA Class Points Penalty Time Hit Factor Stg Pts Stage Percent
1MATT GTY50704GM86-13.196.520195.0000100.00%
2David OL2562GM93-14.796.288091.618296.44%
3Jerry MTY15336GM86-14.246.039387.994692.63%
4Brian NA29646A90-15.165.936786.499791.05%
5Elliot C AA51411GM90-15.305.882485.708590.22%
6Mike CA23819M81-14.165.720383.346787.73%
7John BTY52647GM93-16.405.670782.624086.97%
8Jesse M WA65957B87-15.855.489079.976584.19%
9Joshua E LA62444GM88-16.415.362678.134882.25%
10Gregg KTY55988M90-17.825.050573.587477.46%
11Julie A GTY18327U91-18.205.000072.851676.69%
12Annette B AA51367A88-17.864.927271.790975.57%
13Alan KTY24792A83-17.544.732068.946872.58%
14Kevin GL2985B94-21.894.294262.567965.86%
15Mark RA65973C93-23.563.947457.514960.54%
16Stanley J PTY44158B911022.093.666853.426556.24%
17Robert H LTY45927B93-25.563.638553.014155.80%
18Vincent STY46726A95-26.713.556751.822354.55%
19Ron TL1644C86-29.472.918242.519144.76%
20Bobbie Jo RA65974D92-32.242.853641.577943.77%

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