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USPSA - Match Results

Match Name:Sept2012 RFGC Match
Match Date:9/23/12
Results Uploaded:9/23/12 - 9:22 PM
Additional Info:Show Stage Profiles

Stage 6 - Moving Around- Pistol - Limited

Place Name USPSA Class Points Penalty Time Hit Factor Stg Pts Stage Percent
1Aristotle BA59807B76-12.985.855280.0000100.00%
2Matt MTY69089B76-14.215.348373.074291.34%
3Michael GTY13332A74-14.245.196671.001588.75%
4Alan TA51215GM68-14.114.819365.846482.31%
5Tod STY37515C75-16.174.638263.372079.22%
6Joe HTY29386B66-15.074.379659.838874.80%
7Scott PA57006M77-17.674.357759.539674.42%
8Osmond MA65780B691014.434.088755.864269.83%
9Alvin R. BA77763C77-19.134.025154.995268.74%
10Dave MA71541C701015.783.802351.951164.94%
11Steven M. PA78706U701016.003.750051.236564.05%
12Albert BA54960B76-20.963.626049.542361.93%
13Michael P. CA76039C661015.663.576048.859161.07%
14MIKE LA28558A631015.053.521648.115960.14%
15Vinh HTY55787A632012.993.310245.227556.53%
16Mike EA13816A661018.692.996340.938751.17%
17Kevin OA51227B672016.122.915639.836049.80%
18Paul SA57969C721022.672.734937.367146.71%
19Carlos BTY4508C52-20.702.512134.323042.90%
20Brett BTY39983A613012.352.510134.295742.87%
21Gary RA2757B622019.012.209430.187237.73%
22JD WL2892C502014.012.141329.256736.57%
23Terry BA66575D571024.151.946226.591133.24%
24Anette WTY71773D622023.171.812724.767030.96%
25Doug BA61937C634015.491.484820.286925.36%
26Mark KA70559D721045.051.376218.803123.50%
27Charlie MTY71774D584020.230.889812.157415.20%

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