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USPSA - Rules

2014 Rifle, Shotgun and MG Rules, Combined - Effective February 1, 2014

  • January 2014 Handgun Rules - Effective February 1, 2014
  • USPSA Production Division Approved Handguns

  • NROI Rulings: Rulings issued by NROI which are specifically applicable to the current rule book.

  • Handgun Rule Updates of 2014 (PDF)

    Handheld Scoring Program Approvals
    USPSA rule 9.11.11 allows the use of PDA's or handheld computers for the collection of scores, provided the program has been approved by the USPSA president. The approvals listed below are currently in effect. Please note that both of the listed programs are commercial products that are not available from USPSA. Support for these products may be obtained directly from the vendor.

    USPSS - Palm based Auto Scoring System from Peter Cunningham,
    Approved for all level matches (I, II and III)

    Stagescore - Palm based scoring system from
    Approved for all level matches (I, II and III)

    About the Approvals: Both of these products are commercial offerings by independent vendors. USPSA does not provide support for either product, or offer any warranty of flawless operation. USPSA has not conducted a formal testing of either product. The approval for all level matches has been granted based on the positive experiences various clubs have had with both products.



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