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Range Officer Support Fund

The Range Officer Support Fund (ROSF) is administered by an independent volunteer Oversight Committee established to solicit and distribute financial assistance for international travel by qualified USPSA members to serve as staff at I.P.S.C. Level IV and Level V championship matches. I.P.S.C. Level III matches do not qualify.

The maximum amount of ROSF support available per applicant for each match is $500 toward travel expenses. ROSF support is in addition to any travel support the applicant may receive from I.P.S.C. The total combined travel support the applicant receives from I.P.S.C and ROSF may not exceed the applicant's actual total travel expenses for the match. An individual may apply for support for more than one event per year, but may not receive more than $500 total support from ROSF per year.

Any USPSA member who is NROI-certified and IROA-certified is eligible to apply for ROSF support under the following criteria:

1. Applicant must be a current member of USPSA, holding a current NROI and IROA certification.

2. Applicant must have received an official Match Staff appointment from the Match Director of an I.P.S.C. Level IV or Level V match, to be conducted outside the United States.

3. Applicant must have served as an NROI-certified staff member at a minimum of three USPSA National Championship matches during the five-year period preceding the application for support.

To obtain ROSF support, applicant must submit a copy of an I.P.S.C. Level IV or Level V match staff appointment/invitation to the ROSF Committee:

Email: [email protected]

Mail: ROSF
P.O. Box 22
Barry, IL 62312

The applicant's certifications and record of U.S. Nationals service will be verified for eligibility requirements.

Subject to availability of funds, payment of the support shall occur following the conclusion of the match, upon applicant's presentation to the Oversight Committee of a copy of his validated IROA Points Card for the match, with copies of appropriate travel expense receipts.

2007 ROSF Oversight Committee:

Dick Metcalf
Dave Skinner
Julie Goloski


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