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NROI Seminar Information


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These are the steps to take if your club or section wishes to host an NROI Range Officer Seminar. It is VERY important that you read and understand these guidelines completely. Don't hesitate to ask if something is unclear or confusing.

The hosting club must be affiliated with USPSA, all students must be current USPSA members, and there should be at least 20 students. If the club cannot gather together the needed 20 students and agrees to pay a $800 minimum fee, a seminar can still be held. The host club owes NROI $40 per person for students attending Level I Level II seminars. (See below under 'Budget' for further information on anticipated expenses.)

If an NROI certified instructor lives in your area, you may request that he conduct your class for fewer than the minimum number of students, provided there is no travel expense to USPSA/NROI. The host club owes NROI $40 per person for students attending a local seminar, with no minimum requirement. Additional financial assistance in hosting a seminar can be attained by obtaining an Area Marketing Plan NROI Subsidy. Under this provision, a club can host a seminar by taking advantage of available Area Marketing Plan funds. In order to do so, the club must first schedule the seminar with NROI. Next, it applies for assistance by sending a request for funds to its area director, along with a copy of the letter confirming the seminar. Once approval from the area director is received, a copy of the written funding approval should be forwarded to NROI. (A copy of the guidelines can be found at the end of this information sheet.)

It is good planning to survey the competitors in your area to alert them to the possibility of a class hosted by your club. Prior notification allows you to acquire a preliminary estimate of the number of students you may attract and to take advantage of word-of-mouth advertising for your seminar.

SeminarREQUEST a class by filling out the Seminar Request Form.  Your request should include two (2) dates that are at least 45 days into the future (indicate which of those dates is the preferred choice), any special considerations, the name of the host club, a contact person, a UPS shipping address, and a phone number so that anyone interested in attending can call for information and for an application form.

WAIT for confirmation from NROI that the seminar has been scheduled. You can start signing up students when you receive the seminar application form included with the confirmation letter. Just copy this form and distribute it to those who indicate a desire to attend. These forms will be turned in to the instructor the first day of the seminar.

BUDGET your expenses. NROI will fly the instructor to the nearest major airport. Your club will be responsible for the instructor's lodging at a local hotel/motel, meals and local transportation. The host club must arrange for these accommodations before the instructors arrival to insure a suitable room will be available. Some clubs add into the fee charged each student a share of the cost of these expenses, and a space has been provided on the application form to indicate the fee the host club will be charging. The host club will need to enter into this box whatever amount it wishes to charge each student.

THREE (3) WEEKS BEFORE THE CLASS is scheduled to take place, advise the NROI Seminar Coordinator (at (360) 855-2245) of how many students are expected and an address for UPS delivery so that the correct number of handouts can be sent. If the host club fails to contact NROI in a timely fashion so the materials can be sent UPS ground, the expedited shipping fees will be built into the cost of the seminar and due the first day.


Tournament Associated NROI Seminars
1. Stage designs and descriptions must be submitted to the director of NROI 90 days prior to the tournament event.

2. Special application must be made to NROI for this discount prior to the seminar. This application is available here in .doc form or here in Adobe PDF form.

3. NROI will provide one standard Level I or Level II seminar to support the event and will cover the expenses of the instructor to the site of the seminar.

4. There must be a minimum of 20 students for a Level I seminar or 10 students for a Level II seminar. The host club will be responsible for the instructor's expenses for meals, lodging and local transportation.

5. The fee for these tournament-associated seminars will be as follows:
  • $400 up to 20 students.
  • $40 per student over the initial 20.
6. The tournament must be conducted within six (6) months of the seminar in order to be eligible for this discount.

NROI Subsidy Guidelines
1. A club wanting to hold a seminar but reluctant to do so because it is unable to fulfill the minimum requirement for 20 students should first schedule the class with NROI.

2. After the seminar has been scheduled with NROI, written application for financial assistance can then be made to the club's area director.

3. When requesting funds from AMP funds, the club needs to send the area director a copy of the letter confirming the seminar, with a cover letter telling the number of students expected and a copy of the request to NROI.

4. Once AMP subsidy funds have been approved for the seminar, the area director will notify the club in writing and send a copy of his approval to NROI.

5. If more students attend the seminar, the club is obligated to forward the additional fees to NROI and an equal amount will be deducted from the approved AMP subsidy.

6. If fewer students attend the seminar, the club will be obligated to cover the shortage.
Be assured that if your club wants to hold a NROI seminar, everything possible will be done to see that it happens. NROI is working hard to help all the clubs; all your club needs to do is reach out and ask for the help.

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