USPSA - Match Ammo Service

Precision Delta
The USPSA Match Ammo Program is a service offered in partnership with Precision Delta Ammunition which allows our members to order factory ammunition for direct shipment to selected major matches. This service will allow competitors to avoid the difficulties of shipping their personal ammunition to matches (US airlines generally have an 11 lb baggage limit on ammunition).

Here is how the program works:

* The competitor visits the USPSA Match Ammunition ordering page; selects the match they wish to order ammunition for, as well as the amount and type of ammunition.

* The competitor must pay on-line with a credit card. We do not offer a cash or check option due to the impact this would have on USPSA staff resources.

* An "ordering deadline" will be posted with each eligible match, and the system will not accept orders for that match after this deadline has passed.

* USPSA will place a single order with Precsion Delta, and the ammo will be shipped directly to the match for distribution at the event.

* Precsion Delta will post the shipper name and package tracking number on the order status page. This will allow competitors to confirm that their ammo has arrived before they depart for the event.

* Competitors using this program should deal only with USPSA (email: [email protected]). Precision Delta Ammunition is not able to handle inquiries about your order since they will be dealing with the single "match order". USPSA will be providing the match director with information about individual competitor orders so that the ammo may be properly distributed at the match.

* All products available in the USPSA Match Ammo program are also available for purchase directly from Precision Delta so that competitors will have the ability to test the specific ammunition product prior to a match. Precision Delta also offers the same bullets used in the match ammo for bulk sale direct from the factory.

* Precision Delta is committed to this program and understands the needs of the USPSA competitive shooter. We are confident that the USPSA/Precision Delta partnership will provide a high quality product and very reliable service.


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