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National Classification Book 4th Edition - Revised October 24, 2013

National Classification Book 4th Edition - Revised October 24, 2013
The new (CM13-xx) classification stages are supported by EzWinScore version 4.11 or later.
The CDs for EzWinScore 4 were mailed to all 2010 affiliated clubs and sections May 27th.

The EzWinScore Maintenance release 4.11 is current

Latest Update
National Classification Course Book updated (6/30/2016)
Added Written Stage Briefings (6/30/2016)

Previous Updates

Classifiers 13-01 to 13-09 were added effective 10/24/2013.
CM99-06, 99-27, 99-36, 99-43, 99-45, 99-52, 99-60 have been retired. (10/24/13)

CM99-50 has been retired. (8/23/11)
CM08-04 has been retired. (4/22/11)
Corrected error in diagram of CM09-07, It's Not Brain Surgery. The setup note had the correct distances, but the diagram showed from the centerline. The correct distance is from edge to edge. (7/27/10)

Added no-shoot setup inset to CM09-13, Table Stakes. (7/15/10)

Clarifed Start Procedure on CM09-13, Table Stakes. (7/2/10)

Posted major corrections to stage diagram of Razor's Edge CM09-11.
Please dispose of all previously downloaded copies and replace with the one dated 6/21/2010.

Corrected setup notes on 09-02 and 09-03.

Clarifed Stage Procedure on 09-03.

Clarified setup notes on 09-10. CM09-09 finally corrected - really.

Corrected typos on seven classifiers. These changes do not affect the stage procedure as written. (6/4/2010)
Added 14 09-series classifiers (5/27/2010)

Removed classifiers 99-39 Off Balance Blast, 99-55 Peek-A-Boo No-Shoots, and 99-58 Body Guard 1 (5/27/2010) Added clarification concerning hard cover on 08-04. (5/28/09)

Classifier 06-11 deleted because the distance to steel does not comply with the 2008 rule book. (4/3/2008)

Classifiers 08-05 and 08-06 were added effective 1/31/2008.

Classifiers 08-01, 08-02, 08-03, and 08-04 were added effective 1/1/2008.

Classifier 99-54 was deleted effective 1/1/2008 because it does not comply with the 2008 rules.
Score sheets for all stages were updated to show Single Stack as a division.

The requirement to score and tape targets between strings on classifiers 99-02, 99-07, 99-13, 99-14, 99-24, 99-39, 03-09, and 03-11 was removed effective 1/1/2008.

Revised drawings of eight 06 classifiers were posted June 9, 2006. Please ensure that your club is using the latest version of the new classifiers.

Download the entire book
National Classification Course Book, 4th Edition (5.17 MB)

Written Stage Briefings
Download all Written Stage Briefings (728 KB)

Download Individual Stages
Do not use classifiers marked as retired
ClassifierClassifier NameScoringRoundsStatus
03-02Six ChickensVirginia-active
03-03Take em DownComstock11active
03-05Paper PoppersComstock10active
03-07Riverdale StandardsVirginia-active

03-09On the MoveVirginia-active
03-10Area 5 StandardsVirginia-active
03-11El Strong & Weak PresVirginia-active

03-14Baseball StandardsFixed Time24active
03-18High StandardsVirginia-active
06-01Big BarricadeComstock14active
06-02Big Barricade IIComstock16active
06-03Can You CountVirginia-active

06-04Fluffy's Revenge 1Comstock8active
06-05Fluffy's Revenge 2Comstock8active
06-06Golden Bullet StandardsVirginia-active
06-07Steely Speed IVComstock6active
06-08Steely Speed VComstock6active

06-09Steely Speed VIComstock6active
06-10Steely Speed VIIComstock6active
08-014 Bill DrillVirginia-active
08-02Steeler StandardsVirginia-active

08-05Long Range Standards 2Fixed Time18active
08-06Area 4 StandardsFixed Time18active
09-01Six In Six ChallengeFixed Time24active
09-02Diamond CutterVirginia-active
09-03Oh NoVirginia-active

09-04Pucker FactorVirginia-active
09-05Quad StandardsFixed Time24active
09-06Quad Standards 2Fixed Time24active
09-07It's Not Brain SurgeryComstock6active

09-09Lightning And ThunderFixed Time18active
09-10Life's Little ProblemsComstock12active
09-11Razor's EdgeVirginia-active
09-13Table StakesComstock7active
09-14Eye Of The TigerVirginia-active

13-01Disaster FactorVirginia-active
13-02Down The MiddleVirginia-active
13-03Short Sprint StandardsVirginia-active
13-04The Roscoe RattleVirginia-active
13-05Tick TockVirginia-active

13-06Too Close For ComfortVirginia-active
13-07Double Deal 2Comstock-active
13-08More Disaster FactorVirginia-active
13-09Window PainComstock-active
99-02Night MovesVirginia-active

99-07Both Sides Now #1Virginia-active
99-08Melody LineVirginia-active
99-09Long Range StandardsVirginia-active
99-10Times TwoComstock12active
99-11El PresidenteVirginia-active

99-12Take Your ChoiceComstock12active
99-13Quicky IIVirginia-active
99-14Hoser HeavenFixed Time18active
99-16Both Sides Now #2Comstock12active
99-19Paynes PainVirginia-active

99-21Mini MartVirginia-active
99-22Nueve El PresidenteVirginia-active
99-23Front SightVirginia-active
99-24Front Sight 2Virginia-active
99-28Hillbillton DrillComstock12active

99-33Raw DealVirginia-active
99-34Ported ViewComstock-active
99-40Partial People EatersFixed Time24active
99-41Works For MeComstock12active
99-42Fast n FuriousComstock12active

99-46Close Quarter StandardsComstock24active
99-47Triple ChoiceVirginia-active
99-48Tight SqueezeVirginia-active
99-51Single Tap StandardsVirginia-active
99-53Triple PlayComstock12active

99-56On the Upper Pad IIComstock12active
99-57Bookouts BoogieComstock12active
99-59Lazy Man StandardsVirginia-active
99-61Sit Or Get Off The ShotVirginia-active
99-62Bang and ClangComstock6active

99-63Merles StandardsVirginia-active
09-12Any Given SundayComstock-retired
99-01Back to Basics Standards-retired
99-03Celeritas and Diligentia-retired

99-04American StandardComstock-retired
99-05Mob Job-retired
99-06Toe The LineVirginia-retired
99-15Dilegentia and Celeritas-retired
99-17Its All in the Upper Zone-retired

99-18You Snooze, You Lose-retired
99-20Fish House Encounter-retired
99-27Leftys RevengeComstock-retired
99-29Near to Far Standards-retired
99-30Man Down-retired

99-31Slow But Sure-retired
99-32Indoor Rapid Fire Standards-retired
99-36After Work BluesComstock-retired
99-37Steel One-retired

99-38The Gauntlet II-retired
99-43Color BlindComstock-retired
99-44Claim Yumpers of Ballard Creek-retired
99-45Easy StreetComstock-retired

99-50Better Make SureComstock-retired
99-52Cash n CarryComstock-retired
99-54Tuff Enough Standards-retired
99-60Cut and RunComstock-retired



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