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USPSA - Frequently Asked Questions

How does the classification system work?
How long does it take to get a member number?
I just joined USPSA today. When can I get my member number and PIN to log in?
Some things I want to see on this web site require that I login. Why? How do I do that?
I have tried to get logged in but it won’t take my member number. What is going on here?
I submitted our club’s classification report, but don’t see our member’s scores online. Why?
Where can I find my Personal Pin?
I am a USPSA member. How do I login to my personal profile?
Some of my membership data (Classifiers, Membership Renewal, etc.) but I don't see it updated on the web. Why not?
I shot a bunch of scores last month, but none of them are in my records. How come?
What does the "A", "TY" or "FY" in my member number mean?
Why are my classifications listed as X on my renewed card?
Can our club still send in a classifier from four months ago?
Can you sign me up as a senior? Do I get a senior discount on my membership?
What's the difference between a regular and an associate member?
Can my eleven-year-old son be a member? Can he compete?
How are World Shoot Teams Formed? How Can I Earn A Spot?
Where Can I see Minutes from Board Of Director Meetings?
I'm new, and I'm buying my first gun. What should I buy?
Where can I find a list of clubs in my area?
How do I start a USPSA club?
How do I place an ad in Front Sight magazine?

To obtain answers to your questions first read these FAQ’s.
If your question is not answered here contact your local club representative, Section Coordinator, or Area Director.
If you still have questions contact HQ.

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