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The 2014 reaffiliation period is now over.

Any club that did not reaffiliate by March 17 but wishes to be affiliated will have to re-apply as a new club; you may download the club application below. Submit your application, with Section Coordinator’s signature, roster and $65 fee to USPSA, 872 North Hill Blvd., Burlington WA 98233. If paying with a credit card, you may fax the forms to (360) 855-0380, or send them as an e-mail attachment to [email protected]

For further information, contact Val at (360) 855-2245 or [email protected]

Please Read and Agree before continuing.

We have read the bylaws, rules and regulations of USPSA/IPSC and agree to abide by them. As part of this reaffiliation application we further agree:

• To hold Practical Shooting contests under USPSA/IPSC rules and regulations set forth in the USPSA bylaws,
and to agree that all USPSA matches shall be open to any person eligible for USPSA membership, or any
member of another IPSC region, subject only to 6.4.4 thru 6.4.5.
• To hold a minimum of eight such matches, three of which will contain classifier courses,
• To report the results of all USPSA matches held by our club within thirty days, and to follow USPSA policy in
reporting activities.
• To at all times abide by USPSA policies and procedures, including those that relate to USPSA licensed or
produced property,
• To return to USPSA all USPSA licensed or produced manuals, property, software, and merchandise upon
demand from USPSA or upon failure to reaffiliate with USPSA.
• To reserve the use of USPSA’s images and intellectual property for USPSA competitions and that activity fees
shall be paid for all competitors at any match employing such images or property, or that competitors might
reasonably assume to be a USPSA event.
• The club understands that failure to follow rules/procedures will result in revocation of USPSA/IPSC affiliation.


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